Funeral Oration By Tehila Livne:

My child,

Every time you went to perform abroad I separated from you feeling pain and concern,

and I always knew I can count on you to do the right thing, and I was proud and happy

to receive your text messages, telling me that you've arrived safely, and the exciting experiences and wonderful impressions from the parties. And now it is all quiet.

For me, the way you have lived your life was a part of a routine, but you were excited every single time like it was your first performance, and you knew to appreciate,

you were impressed, and could not believe this is happening to you.

Today I am deeply moved and amazed, how special and unique you are, as a friend, as an artist, a real superstar. And I am your #1 fan. You know, I doubt if you were aware of the strength and impact you have had, all the thousands of people whom your music touched their hearts and joined them together, with no language and religion differences.

I am reading the moving and loving responses on the internet, from all over the world,

and I can not believe how far you have reached. You always told me that the music unites people and connects everything with love, and you knew how to calm me down when I used to warn you from the dangers on the way, and you said: "Mother, there are no enemies, only lovers in music".

It suits you so much to create out of love and deep emotion. To communicate with people from all over the world to make them understand and love you, with joy, with dancing and the love of life. You brought there what you are, your caring and concern, your endless giving to your friends and to me, your life of love and optimism, your creativity,

the never stopping doing, and above all, the belief that this is the way.

"I am only going for a short vacation in India", you told me, "I must rest before this busy year full of performances ahead of me", and you left. Indeed, you had a rest, and now you are resting, with a smile on your face and joy in your heart, for you have lived your life the way you chose, without compromising. You truly did what you wanted, what you loved.

You created, you dared, and lived your life "big time", like you had to hurry up and fulfill

your task.

I listen to the last song you wrote and I am shocked how relevant it is today:

"Time has come

 And I can not feel

 The story of my dream

 and Live without you"

The mind can not understand, and the heart would not believe that maybe

you have known and felt that this is the end of the way.

You lived in a special way; you connected people and friends, young and adults. Experienced businessmen and other superstars in the big world could not deal with your assertiveness, your determination and honor; you have never hurt anyone, and above all, your unbearable modesty, which we could not comprehend, made our reality a dream.

The awakening from this dream is hard and painful, my child.

You left us with a hole in our hearts, an empty space in our soul and an empty chair next to the table you loved so much to share with us on Friday nights, even when you were busy. Loop, the dog you loved so much, how you counted on me every time you went away when you deposited him to my hands. You can be relaxed now; he is with us.

Sad and does not understand why you are not coming.

We already miss you, my star. That is how I used to call you, and I did not know how scary it can be, because stars are only in the skies and now you are there!

You have not been there yet, it was not in your tour schedule.

But who knows? Maybe with your joy and with your music, the angels in the sky benefit. Otherwise, how can we explain why you are there? I see your friends, who love you so much, crying and hurting the loss and can not believe. But they know you did not leave us with nothing. You went away and left us with a message A message for life: live your life happily, with dancing and loving and in peace. To always dare, to try and to do, with all the obstacles on the way. For you, young people, one more thing: life is not obvious. Every risk has a price, and sometimes there is no turning back.

You had the privilege, my son, to dream your own dreams, and to do everything you can in order to fulfill them. I am very proud of you, my Avihen, for your wonderful accomplishments, for being generous and caring and for having a heart of gold, in a world where things like that seem less important. For your big, pure soul that helped to create such music.

A music that would not sound the same without a heart and a soul.

I am telling you goodbye with a big hug and strong quacking, and with a promise to continue what you have not managed. We will always remember you, forever young,

>and as the king of the world!    

Take care of yourself, my child, because we can not do it any more.

Your mother, who loves you, Tehila.

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